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  acenter 中间 [translate]

  a然后,我们在一同聊天,游玩,谈谈我们大年夜学的更生活和所见所闻 Then, we are chatting together, play, chat our university the new life and the experience [translate]

  aMany people are shy when they speak English,so before you begin,take a deep breath and smile! 很多人是含羞的,当他们讲英语时,因此,在您末尾之前,采取深呼吸和含笑! [translate]

  aso what are you doing ? 如此您做着甚么? [translate]

  a但那让我很享用 But that lets me enjoy very much [translate]

  a不懂事的汉子 Not sensible man [translate]

  a假设她可以进一步晋升研究才华,那么她会更好地适应未来的深化研究 If she may further promote the research ability, then she will be able to adapt the future thorough research well [translate]

  athey always see a film on saturdays 在星期六他们总看一部片子 [translate]

  a我置信自己会逐渐让自己的妄图照进抱负。 I believed oneself can let own dream according to enter the reality slowly. [translate]

  awill you marry Alan? 您可否与阿伦娶亲? [translate]

  aArchangels-Gabriel 天使Gabriel [translate]

  a这张暴光的菲林没有效了 This exposure roll film not useful [translate]

  alaughed at 笑 在 [translate]

  a你跟他人在那闹我都邑吃醋 You make me with others in that all to will be jealous [translate]

  aquench valve 熄灭阀门 [translate]

  aI will be stronger and stronger, please believe me, just like believe in yourself.... 您将置信我,而且我不能够被疏忽 [translate]

  astepbystep 逐渐 [translate]

  a坐在白色的窗台上 Sits on the white window [translate]

  aOrdinary people around the world face a wealth of economic news 通俗的世界人平易近面对财富经济往事 [translate]

  aReaching a fever pitch, and it's bring me out the dark 抵达高度高兴和它是带来我黑暗 [translate]

  ain the mid-1870s,french artist frederic auguste bartholdi was working on an enormous project called liberty enlightening the world,a monument celebrating us in dependence and the france-america alliance. 在中间19世纪70年代,法国艺术家frederic auguste bartholdi研究称启发世界,纪念碑的自在的一个极大年夜的项目庆贺我们在依附性和法国美国同盟。 [translate]

  a五华长乐烧酒,沙田柚,龙眼,牛肉干,豆干 Wuhwa Changle Liquor, Shatin pomelo, longan, dried beef, dried beans [translate]

  a读书可以帮你添加聪明。 Studies may help you to increase the wisdom. [translate]

  atire size 司机只 [translate]